Amal Clooney’s Facial Expressions at the Golden Globes Represent How We Feel About the Start of Awards Season


When the Golden Globes red carpet started, the 2015 awards season officially started.
It has begun.
That means from now until the end of the Academy Awards, it’s going to be a lot of late nights watching very rich and beautiful actors congratulate each other, fawn over each other and generally celebrate their awesome lives. And after about three award shows, we’re kind of over it. Unless someone like Benedict Cumberbatch or Jennifer Lawrence spices things up, these things are basically all the same. So the realization that it’s all starting this week is a little disheartening.Which is why we’re thankful that gorgeous attorney Amal Clooney, who recently married some actor, was at the Golden Globes to represent the people who are already tired of red carpet season. She was clearly bored at her husband’s (I think we heard his name was George Clooney?) cute little office party, and we will be right there with her, emotionally, more than once in the coming months.
On the outside, we’re trying to smile politely as we work through covering every single award show, but on the inside, we want to run around screaming and punching out computer screens.
Just look at her face. You know this girl cannot wait to get back home, throw on some sweatpants and watch reruns of Top Chef:


When she does crack a smile, it’s probably to smother an instinct to roll her eyes. That’s basically the only reason we smile as we watch another handsome actor walk up on stage and talk about his craft

Thank you, Amal. You are the queen of being over rooms full of shiny Hollywood folk. We salute you.